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Hawaii 2017 – Day One

I made a point of picking a “civilized” departure time, meaning something during the day so we wouldn’t have to get up at 4:00 AM in the morning (wait for it, irony coming later). We get up at the regular time around 7:00 AM, have breakfast, shower, get dressed and start packing, all good.

Shareen panics at about 9:45 and start bugging me to call Uber to pick us up to head for the airport. I give in at about 10:00 and call Uber which shows up at 10:10, and at that time of the day we arrive at the airport at about 10:30, our plane doesn’t leave until 1:15.

On a Friday at mid-day we breeze through security and customs and now have about two hours to wait until we fly out. Ugh!!! But it’s not all horrible, the new terminal in YYC is actually nice, we take our time shopping in Duty Free and Shareen tries out the food fair, the rest of the time we sit in a comfortable lounge without getting swamped by people.

Just to the left of the picture above there’s a sign that tells us to relax (in that word) until about 12:30 at which point it tells us to head over to our plane as it’s boarding. We saunter over and literally walk onto the plane. That’s civilized travel!

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Time changes everything

I grew up on the wild frontier of Quebec City and Calgary (a story for another day).

I loved playing street hockey until mom called me in for supper after which I’d go back out until bed time. If it wasn’t hockey in the street it was epic snow fort battles with authentic WW1 trenches and tunnels.

God I loved winter!!!

Skip ahead 35 years and now I hate it!! I hate starting the car in the dark at -35C, I hate going to and coming from work in the dark, I hate dirty streets, and I hate being cold.

I take a ton of vitamin D each day, it helps a bit.

Best thing for my winter blues to date has been to escape for a quick getaway to the beaches of South Carolina. Their temperatures of 15C were about 35 degrees warmer than what I had left in Calgary.

Yep, I used to love winter now I love escaping from it.

What does $25.00 CD get your for lunch?

The above, that’s home made mustard and ketchup on the fries, a bulb of roasted garlic, and arugula salad.

Also came with warm cookies and a coffee, but most importantly the food was clean and tasty (no wilted leafs in the salad).

There was also a $15.00 soup and salad special but I went big with the $25.00 special.

Available at Charcut in Calgary.