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Euro 2012 – Last Clam in Paris

So for our last evening in Paris we went for Moules Frites with our friends. It’s a meal of Belgian origin but goddammit it’s yummy and that night we made it Parisian. Jeremy had a pizza of course.

In retrospect we had a great time in France and Paris; visited with our friends, saw lots of beautiful things, and the laisse faire prevalent in Paris is great and relaxing. But between the heat (every day was above 35C), the constant noise, and the crowds Paris left us somewhat drained.

We dragged our asses back to Shareen’s parents in the UK and everyone commented how it somehow felt like coming home.

Euro 2012 – The Louvre

So right next to the Jardin des Tuileries is the Louvre Museum, who knew? “You don’t like me and I don’t like you, but feet, take me there”. After the Versailles debacle we were all a bit nervous about committing to another French landmark but as we edged our way forward we noticed that at least later in the day when we got there the crowds appeared much smaller than Versaille. At 10 Euros per adult it was also a lot easier to swallow. In the end, totally worth it as the Louvres is much more accessible in terms of smaller crowds and better layout to allow people to navigate to whichever area they want to see. We HAD to see the Mona Lisa of course after which we saw some of the more mundane famous paintings.

Euro 2012 – Paris

Turns out that right next to the Place de la Concorde are the Jardins des Tuileries, ok that’s where we went next. The goat is the lawn mower, for real.

Euro 2012 – Paris

So after the Versailles disaster we decided to take it easy and just wander wherever our feet took us. Our feet took us to a baguette and beret for Jeremy then to the Metro which took us to Place de la Concorde. The subways in Paris are quick and inexpensive to get around.

Euro 2012 – Versailles

Today Versailles, what a phucking shit show. We got there early hoping to beat the buses and the crowds. The place opens at 9:00 and we were there at about 8:45. You then get to wait about an hour to get in and once inside you are literally crushed by the crowds. Can’t stop to enjoy anything and can barely breath. The crowds cancel your ability to enjoy any of the beautiful stuff that I tried to capture in the pictures. We quit the tour about half way to go and try our luck with the gardens at which point we find that it costs extra for the kids to go see the gardens. At 25 Euros per persons absolutely NOT worth it in August, maybe during low season, if I could I’d ask for my money back.

Euro 2012 – Paris

So from L’Arc de Triomphe we actually walked to the Eiffel Tower, down by the fountains (we stopped to soak our feet) and up to the tower. The line ups were too long to actually go up and we were too damned tired to climb that mother. After a rest we dragged our assets to the nearest Metro and went home to pass out. We did come back later that night to see the tower lit up. They also have a light show every hour on the hour which lasts for five minutes each time.

Euro 2012 – Arc De Triomphe

After a fantastic lunch at the McDonalds we walked to the Arc de Triomphe, turns out you can climb to the top to get a great view of downtown Paris, totally worth it. You do have to climb up 50M worth of stairs however, not as easy as it sounds.

Euro 2012 – Champ Elysees

On our second day in Paris, it’s @#$%king hot, 37C hot. Turns out most Parisians traditionally leave town for that reason. The only people left are the tourists, the service industry, and some die hards. We walked the Champ Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe then later to the Eiffel Tower. The stores along the Champ Elysees were pretty impressive, almost every major auto manufacturer had a outlet with their coolest cars along with branded restaurants such as the Mercedes Cafe (for real). And yes we did have lunch at McDs as part of Natalies Social Studies assignment for school.

Euro 2012 – Montmartre

After our train ride we arrived in Paris and were greeted by our friends who took us in during our stay. After we freshened up we went for a walk near Momtmartre and Sacre Coeur which are near where our friends live. The area was packed with tourists but also packed with great shops and street performers.