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Euro 2012 – Dawlish

Today, Jeremy and I went to Dawlish while Shareen was busy packing our suitcases for our reluctant departure. Weather was the usual British damp but it’s pretty little town and we spent a pleasant couple of hours in a local pub while waiting for the worst of the rain to pass. Really friendly people, quick to help us and have a chat. My compliments to the Rock and Sole fish bar and the South Devon Inn. One let us buy tasty food and the other let us sit down and eat it (as long as we bought a drink or four).

Euro 2012 – Hog Roast

Hog roast at the New Inn near Crediton where we were staying. You drive down this narrow lane, through a tunnel of trees and emerge in what can only be described as the Shire from Lord of the Rings. And for the record, British food gets a bad rap, the hog roast was $@%@$#% delicious.