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The Big Break

Well I guess I was due, in my fifty one years of life I haven’t had a serious injury until this Tuesday evening. I was playing Hockey at Vivo in Calgary, we were down 5 – 3, it was 5 minutes into the third period and I crashed into the boards trying to get the puck. I honestly don’t remember the circumstances of the crash but I do remember that it did feel weird on the way down. I didn’t realize that I had some trouble until I tried standing up and my right ankle just buckled and I went down again. Some of my team mates helped me off the ice and into the car.

For those that care we ended up tying the game, my injury lifted the team to their best performance of the year!!!

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Hair and Ageing

Jeremy and I went to get haircuts at the same time then we went back to get trimmed at the same time again.


Martin, dad was asking why I needed a haircut, seems pretty obvious to me.


Bacon Carrot Cake

Bacon carrot cake????? Who dreams up this shit??? I admit it might taste ok but it just sounds wrong.