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127 Days Later

Last Tuesday was exactly 4 months plus a week since the day I broke my foot. The first two months or sixty days were the hardest as I was not supposed to load bear at all which made everything more difficult, from walking up and down the stairs, to taking a shower, to just cooking in the kitchen.

Thank god for these knee walkers or scooters, made ambulating more bearable and practical, except for the going up and down the stairs part.

After two months when I was finally allowed to load bear (put my broken foot down) it felt like finally there was light at the end of the tunnel. Finally able to walk up and down the stairs and take a shower without the hoopla of not being able to put my foot down.

Another month (about 90 days after the initial injury) and I was allowed to get rid of the AirCast and started walking at first with a cane and eventually was able to get rid of even that. At the same time my surgeon had me book an appointment to remove the two larger screws (which will only last about six months before breaking).

I booked the appointment through his office which turned out to be exactly 127 days after the initial injury. I was apprehensive about the procedure but it literally took 15 minutes between sitting down and walking out with two (stainless steel) fewer screws in my foot.

After the procedure the doctor and I decided that we never wanted to see each other again (amicable and in a good way). The doctor told me to “give ‘er” and to start or keep using my foot normally.

Took my first bike ride today and although my foot is not the same as before (still aches and stiffens up) I feel like I’m finally out of the woods and looking forward to getting back to hockey and regular activities.