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Calgary in August 2017

Summer’s been stupid hot, I honestly don’t remember a summer with so many days where the temperature exceeds 30C. After a while you get used to it, but still a little tired of being so sweaty all the time. Still it’s not as bad as Texas I heard but frankly some days it’s getting close where we had temperatures of about 35C.

On top of that British Columbia has been suffering under what must be a record number of fires which are driven by hot dry weather and high winds. You can look at at a map of the fires here. As a consequence we’ve been experiencing poor air quality since I think early June.

This is worse than a few years ago when Montana was experiencing some crazy fires and every so often some of it would float up here, lately we’ve been getting smogged by fire smoke almost every day.

See some of the pictures below, notice the orange hue to all of them, that’s from the smoke.

Looking west from the highway, normally you can see the glorious rockies from here.

Orange sun, due to smoke, you can see the haze in the air, trees should be green.

About 3 kilometres from our house, can’t see our house, or other houses on the ridge.