Hawaii 2017 – Day Two

Following the long trip from Calgary to Hawaii we decided to sleep in on the Saturday and take our time, no big adventures planned for today, we would just try to make it into Hilo and get some groceries.

We woke up mid-morning and took better part of an hour to square ourselves up, our hosts left us some fresh fruit from their garden so we enjoyed some tangelo oranges and some fresh papaya. Shareen was able to enjoy a cup of coffee as well.

Eventually we dragged our asses out the door and headed for Hilo with the intent of looking around and opportunistically grabbing some groceries.

On our way out we had our first look at our cozy little Ohana that Stefan had build for his wife Hallie (our hosts).

The drive to Hilo was about 45 minutes, we took our time as we didn’t feel very confident on the roads. Most roads in Hawaii are single lane without a whole bunch of shoulder. Once we got to Hilo the first thing we enjoyed was the weather, we had a beatiful sunny day with just a few clouds and temperature around 25c.

We managed to park our car towards the end of downtown and just started wandering the place. We somehow ended up on the wrong side of a fenced median but at least we had ended up on the bay.

Once we found our way back over the fence in the median we ended up in the farmers market where I was blown away by all the fresh fruit and veggies. The avocadoes are the size of my fists over there. Later on we found a nice little coffe shop (Hilo Sharks) where I had one of the best cups of espresso ever. Strong but with little acidity or bitterness. It really rounded out the afternoon.

Tired and all shopped out we headed home but we missed our turn off and ended up on the eastern most point in Hawaii, this was the Kumakahi lighthouse (and point) that survived the eruption of 1960.

My first day ended with an overall happy impression of Hawaii and Hilo. The day and the people were warm and friendly.

Following our dinner of Marlin and potato salad we settled in for an evening of cocktails and relaxation back at the Ohana with the intent of embarking on further adventure tomorrow.