Hawaii 2017 – Day One

I made a point of picking a “civilized” departure time, meaning something during the day so we wouldn’t have to get up at 4:00 AM in the morning (wait for it, irony coming later). We get up at the regular time around 7:00 AM, have breakfast, shower, get dressed and start packing, all good.

Shareen panics at about 9:45 and start bugging me to call Uber to pick us up to head for the airport. I give in at about 10:00 and call Uber which shows up at 10:10, and at that time of the day we arrive at the airport at about 10:30, our plane doesn’t leave until 1:15.

On a Friday at mid-day we breeze through security and customs and now have about two hours to wait until we fly out. Ugh!!! But it’s not all horrible, the new terminal in YYC is actually nice, we take our time shopping in Duty Free and Shareen tries out the food fair, the rest of the time we sit in a comfortable lounge without getting swamped by people.

Just to the left of the picture above there’s a sign that tells us to relax (in that word) until about 12:30 at which point it tells us to head over to our plane as it’s boarding. We saunter over and literally walk onto the plane. That’s civilized travel!

Plane (nice new and clean Embraer) leaves on time, no issues, and about two hours and forty minutes later we arrive (about twenty five minutes early) in SFO.

We wander the place and find a scrubby pub to have lunch, they don’t feed you on planes these days. Again, the plane leaves on time, yay United!!!

It was a long five hour flight, no two ways about it, and by the time we land my back and butt are killing me. For some reason United had better seats and more room on the two and a half hour flight than on the five hour flight, no kidding.

We arrive in KOA in the dark, it’s about 9:00 PM local time but it’s bustling and busy. It’s quite the revelation for me to be in an “outdoor” airport again, the walk from the plane to the luggage carousel is all outside. It takes about 15 minutes to get our luggage and we get on the shuttle to the Budget car rental desk.

Only two people in front of me but it takes about 20 minutes to get to the agent who was courteous and helpful. Then just as I get my keys a wave of people arrives on the next shuttle, would hate to be the guy at the end of that wave. Takes about another 15 minutes to actually get the car, I’m pretty sure they are turning these around as soon as they come back, we essentially had to wait for it to get cleaned and detailed, they didn’t do a great job but it was adequate.

The rest of the trip is a two hour odyssey driving on highways 200 (Saddle Road) in the dark. It’s mostly a two lane road with some passing lanes on uphill segments, stretch of construction near to Hilo but no problem. We get to the Ohana about 11:30 PM local time (2:30 AM YYC time), about 15 hours after leaving YYC. Although it was a perfect trip with everything running on time, it was exhausting and we are bagged.

No worries, tomorrow will be great!!!