Monthly Archives: January 2015

Marty – Biking Navy Seal

Sunday was a beautiful 12C day so I decided to go for a bike ride after lunch. From the highway the trails looked dry but it turns out there was lots of slushy ice on at least one half of the trails and heading west in fish creek was straight into a wind most of the way.

Did I quit? No, I whined like a baby but I kept on going, just like the guys from Seal Team 6. For part of the way I had to go on grass and I ended up eating quite a bit mud and I may even have ended up with some dog poo in my beard.

Still making a point of going for walks with the camera, todays pictures;

Fish Creek Park – It’s better than the Calgary Zoo!!!

We went for a short walk yesterday to stretch our legs and my new camera and we saw, deer, an owl, chickadees, and a nut hatch (Shareen doesn’t know which one). All that with no crowds or crying kids.

Here are the pictures…damn I wish I had my rifle!