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Advantage – Bad Guys

A few weeks ago I had a problem with Skype when somehow my account was hacked and someone used it to make a boat load of international calls.

I had setup Skype to auto-recharge using my credit card which sure enough they did. When I discovered the problem I immediately changed my password and credit card information.

Needless to say Skype was absolutely useless at helping, they would not reverse the charges, they would not provide the IP address of the offender and basically they would not even acknowledge a problem. I absolutely hate Skype now as they will not stand behind their product and protect their customers but that’s another story.

In any case, I then went to report the problem to the police only to be told that it would never be investigated as there are too may cases of internet fraud going on for one more to be investigated.

So at the end of the day Skype won’t acknowledge the problem and the police won’t investigate a case of fraud….advantage bad guys.

I hate Skype and I hate bad guys.