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My Chili Recipe

Had a few people ask so here goes, note that my vegetarian friend said he can substitute some kind of vegetarian protein or tofu for the meat. I’ve made this recipe with 100% beef, 100% deer, or a mix of the two and to be frank the meat or protein has never affected the overall outcome of the chili. Also note that my list of ingredients isn’t exact, I usually eyeball it and adjust as I need to, accordingly the ingredients are an approximation.

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Euro 2012 – Last Clam in Paris

So for our last evening in Paris we went for Moules Frites with our friends. It’s a meal of Belgian origin but goddammit it’s yummy and that night we made it Parisian. Jeremy had a pizza of course.

In retrospect we had a great time in France and Paris; visited with our friends, saw lots of beautiful things, and the laisse faire prevalent in Paris is great and relaxing. But between the heat (every day was above 35C), the constant noise, and the crowds Paris left us somewhat drained.

We dragged our asses back to Shareen’s parents in the UK and everyone commented how it somehow felt like coming home.

What does $25.00 CD get your for lunch?

The above, that’s home made mustard and ketchup on the fries, a bulb of roasted garlic, and arugula salad.

Also came with warm cookies and a coffee, but most importantly the food was clean and tasty (no wilted leafs in the salad).

There was also a $15.00 soup and salad special but I went big with the $25.00 special.

Available at Charcut in Calgary.