2014 Great Elk Expedition

In summary, Elk – 1, Marty – 0.

Wednesday morning I was faced with fogged up roads with low visibility, in the picture below there’s a actually a fuel tanker about 100 meters ahead of me.


Around Chain Lakes it brightened up a bit and I saw a Moose cow and her youngling but didn’t dare to stop on the road.

Eventually got to Willow Valley and it started snowing, we got there too late for the morning hunt but managed to get out for the afternoon hunt. For those who don’t know, there’s no point in hunting between about 10 AM and about 4:00 PM as the animals tend to hunker down and rest for most of that time during which there’s no point in hunting. Most days we just go back to the cabin to rest and in many cases people start drinking (not yours truly however).


Saw lots of Mule deer on day 1 but I didn’t have tags or permits to hunt those guys.

Then overnight (it’s Thursday now) the weather changed and we woke up next morning to rain and +5C, all the snow was gone and instead we had freezing horizontal rain (Willow Valley is windy as f%$k) and icy footing everywhere.

Again, saw lots of game but due to geopolitical reasons was not legally able to go after anything. Either they were the wrong species or on the wrong side of the fence. Many urbanites that move to Willow Valley for their vacation cottages post (no hunting signs) everywhere. We’re reduced to hunting on crown land and with some of the older farmers who are still holding on (they won’t be there for long, most farm kids have left and these old guys will sell their farms, mostly to yuppies).

Nonetheless Willow Valley is always a beautiful place…


Overnight and by Friday the weather had changed again…


All the previous day’s rain was frozen underneath the snow of course. We hunted from our trucks in the morning but again nothing and I left around 12:00 PM so I could come home to take my wife to the Telus Christmas Gala that day.

I didn’t get anyting but it’s always great to go out there. Except that outhouse, I hate that shitty thing.