Euro 2012 – Budleigh Salterton

So today we went to Budleigh Salterton to fish. Fishing was a bit of an abortive experience as our gear was not quite up to snuff but the beach and the drive were great. It takes about an hour and a quarter to get from Northcott Cottage to Budleigh Salterton (I kept calling it Bubbly Selzertown to bug my in-laws) and it’s like leaving the rolling hills of Devon and ending up in the Mediterranean. The temperature was quite a bit warmer than when we left Northcott Cottage.

The town itself is totally a tourist town with big houses and estates around. The streets are so narrow that cars can’t pass each other if there’s a parked one, we have to take turns going.

The beach is a pebble beach which is a first for me and the earth around the beach is quite red and orange.

Beautiful place overall.