Euro Trip 2012 – Day 2

So today I decided that as a family we should step outside, out of the house that is. We’re on vacation and spending time inside is a waste of time in my opinion. Well intended but a tactical mistake in the end. Everyone was still tired from our journey and there was no grace or patience left that day. Lesson learned was to take an extra day to recover from a trip before attempting to step outside.

We decided to take a trip into Exeter to check out the shops and stretch our legs by walking about a bit. My in-laws live in Morchard Bishop and the easiest way for the four of us to get to Exeter was via train. Dad drove us to the train station and again the train arrived with the precision of a Swiss watch. The train was full and we ended up standing for the half hour trip into Exeter.

Oddly enough it was free to get on the train and we didn’t have to buy tickets until we got off at Exeter Central station. The conductor at the station automatically added return tickets to our purchase and we received a small discount. Total price for a return trip for four to and from Exeter was 12 pounds.

We walked a few blocks from the the trains station to Cathedral Square to get a view of Exeter Cathedral. The Cathedral is over 800 years old and is spectacular despite the current renos.

We also visited St Martins Church which predates the cathedral by a few hundred years.