Euro 2012 Trip – Day 1 – Part 2

A generally lazy day, the girls stayed at home but the boys (grandpa, beloved son in law, and grandson) made their way to Exeter for some shopping.

This was not a social (tourist) call but rather mission for survival. We didn’t have Wi-Fi in the house and that wouldn’t do. I also wanted to get a UK or European cell number if I wanted (more than needed) to use my cell and at $1.50/minute I’d rather not rack up too many roaming minutes.

We made our way on the narrow country roads through Crediton and to Exeter which has the larger shops and stores.

Crediton is a small country town with essentially one main street with small shops along the way and a couple of larger chain type super stores at each end.

Exeter is a larger population centre which was formerly a Roman town and now is also a university town.

The only thing of note about getting the Wi-Fi gear was that the prices for computer gear end up being about 20% more expensive than the same gear in North America. This is due to the 20% VAT charged on goods in the UK. Note that prices in stores include the VAT already.

Getting the “temporary” cell number was relatively easy, we went to a Vodafone store to get a micro-SIM for my iPhone, they didn’t have any and so sent us to an independent re-seller across the street (Phones4U). 10 pounds later I slipped a Lebara Mobile (which runs on the Vodafone network anyways) SIM into my phone which came up right away with the new number.